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    Contact Us

    Shenzhen Singhi Hony Supply Chain Co., Ltd.


    Vietnam Special Line

    Vietnam general trade land transport

    1. Provide Vietnam land transportation vehicle and bulk cargo door to door service

    2. Acting as an agent for customs clearance and inspection of general trade of land transportation in Vietnam

    3. Door-to-door delivery is available throughout the country and 3-5 days delivery throughout Vietnam

    Vietnam land transport included tax,

    1. Vietnam land transportation provides double-clearance tax door-to-door service

    2, trailer, flatbed car, refrigerator, engineering car chartered transport

    3. Carpool transportation of bulk cargoes has fixed daily freight frequency and stable channels

    4. Delivery throughout Vietnam, the fastest delivery is 3 days

    Vietnam by air

    1. Provide Vietnam air transportation with double clear parcel tax

    2. Door-to-door delivery and door-to-door service can be provided throughout the country

    3. Delivery throughout Vietnam, efficient delivery within 1-2 days

    Vietnam sea shipping

    1. Provide Vietnam FCL and LCL door to door service

    2. Delivery throughout Vietnam, 8-10 days


    Shenzhen Singhi Hony Supply Chain Co., Ltd.


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